Pat & Annemarie Carrigan were among the 54 members of the Incarnation High School Mission trip that returned from Guatemala this afternoon.  Having raised the money in advance, the group constructed 5 houses and 11 stoves in a remote rural village.  Thanks to Pam Coghlan, Carl Hammack, and all the leaders and donors who made the trip possible.

Peter poses on a rooftop in Guatemala in front of a volcano.

I had the pleasure of calling on parishioner Pamela Nelson in her studio today.  Pamela is currently Artist-in-Residence at the Fairmont Hotel.  There is a nice article about Pamela here.

Please keep our high school mission team in your prayers as they build five houses in Guatemala this week.

Heaven in Ordinary: A Sermon

Why God needs (and loves) old trees.

It was good to spend a couple of days in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, with friends before preaching at the Atlantic Theological Conference in Halifax last month.

Happy Independence Day!

What a pleasure was afternoon to marry Raymond Phillips, 89, and Mimi Henley, 87. Both widowed after half century marriages, they have been friends for 71 years. Raymond took Mimi to his high school prom in 1943 before enlisting in the army to fight in the war.

God has not gone to war against you but for you. by I come not to bring peace but a sword

Delighted this morning to take part in the ordination of Christopher Yoder, shown here with his parents following the service. Deacon Yoder has joined the staff of the Church of the Incarnation. (at St. Matthew’s Cathedral Arts)

The Prophet Pharrell was right. This sermon explains why. by A Room Without A Roof

Ray gave me a tow this evening.

I had the honor of preaching at the Nashotah House Convocation on May 22nd.  These two buildings, preserved on the campus of Nashotah House, bear witness to the humble beginnings of this theological college, and the pioneering spirit of early American Anglo-Catholicism. They were built to house a missionary monastic community in the Wisconsin Territory which soon became a training center for the priesthood. The Blue House was constructed in 1842 as the community’s home. The Red Chapel was built the following year.

Yesterday evening near the center of Dallas.

It was good to see Fr. Matthew Olver at Nashotah House on Wednesday.